Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Liven Wallpaper?
A. Liven is a new generation of live wallpaper that gives users full ability to enhance their favorite wallpaper with particles, filters, night effects and more. The idea is that the user will never get bored of their wallpaper again.

Q. What makes Liven different from other live wallpaper apps?
A. Most live wallpaper apps come with a certain style, but Liven allows users to apply dynamic effects to their favorite photos to create personalized wallpaper. The effects include color filters, moving particles and a night-time sky with stars, and the ability to shuffle them with a double tap. The user can also add multiple images with different configurations of effects.

Q. Can the effects be saved on the wallpaper?
A. Yes, the wallpaper keeps the effects, allowing you to have a number of them available for shuffling on the phone.

Q. Will Liven reduce my battery life?
A. Liven is designed to keep the effects on the wallpaper with almost no noticeable battery drain.

Q. How many users will be able to get the app for free through me?
A. The app will be available to download for free from Feb 3 – March 1. Ideally, you can publish your invitation to your audience in the first week of the pre-launch period. There are only 50 available promotion codes for the free app, so the earlier the better.

Q. Why is Liven holding a pre-launch campaign?
A. Although Liven has been tested with early users, we felt having a pre-launch period will us understand the product’s strengths and challenges prior to launching it. This would also give us the opportunity to make changes that impact usability and communication for the launch.

Q. Has the developer had previous experience with live wallpaper apps?
A. Yes, we developed Weatherback Wallpaper, a weather-based live wallpaper app, currently available on Google Play with over 70,000 downloads.